Anex Yang Ye won "2021 Hurun Rich Outstanding Youn

December 25, 2021

    At the award ceremony, Yang Ye introduced in detail the specific business development of Anex as a rapidly rising chip research and development company, and said that Anex's vision is to become the outstanding service provider of the national blockchain industry and even the construction of the next generation Internet infrastructure.

    The Hurun Conference brings together many far-sighted business leaders, entrepreneurs and new youth representatives from home and abroad to explore high-quality growth paths in the new era.

    The winners also attended the award ceremony, including Zhang Suyang, founding partner of Volcanic Capital, Wang Liqin, President of Bulgari Greater China, Xu Zhenhua, co-founder of Mugtong Technology, Chen Lian, Vice President of East China of Dassault Aviation, Yu Ruipen, co-founder and president of Laiyian Shanghai, and Tomaz, chief product Officer of ASKO Mori, Chairman of Haiyin Financial Holding Group Co., LTD., Chairman of China Guijiu Group Han Hongwei, Vice-chairman of Hailan Home Zhou Yanqi, president of Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., LTD. Feng Mingqiang and other well-known entrepreneurs.


    The year 2021 will be the most crucial year for China's economic transformation and adjustment, full of challenges and opportunities.


    The "14th Five-year Plan" for the development of the digital economy proposed that blockchain should be "included in the ranks of strategic and forward-looking technologies, and emphasized its important role in promoting digital industrialization, improving the governance system of the digital economy, and strengthening the security system of the digital economy."

    Earlier this year at the fifth in hainan boao enterprise on the BBS, Anex also won the "2021 annual block chain industry leader," Yang Ye said when BBS to share, "in the past couple of years, thanks to the national development of new digital economy policy guidance and support, such as the block chain industry in China is booming, create a group around the block chain technology, Layout of "blockchain + real economy", "blockchain + frontier industry" and other high-tech enterprises.

    Driven by such a big change in the environment, Anex founded by Yang Ye has thrown itself into the wave of blockchain infrastructure construction and application development. At present, the company's main business can be divided into two parts:

1. "Blockchain + Frontier Industry"

     Including blockchain network architecture and chip design, integrated circuit chip development, etc., the company currently has an engineering team of more than 100 people. In August 2021, Yang Ye led the team to successfully release two 5nm and 7nm self-developed supercomputer chips, and the chip manufacturing process was evaluated by professional evaluation institutions: it has reached the first echelon level in the industry.

2. "Blockchain + Real Economy"

    That is, using blockchain technology to transform traditional industries. Yang Ye believes, "Through the technical attributes, financial attributes and organizational attributes of blockchain, enterprises can be digitized and the real economy can be empowered. There is an important opportunity to use blockchain to empower the real economy."

    Of the new chairman of China communication industry association block chain Zhu Youping recently in an interview with the media also said that "2022 is the change in a new era of domestic chain, industry chain to all available, all companies are available, ten thousand people are available, the financial, government affairs, social governance, the wisdom city, foreign cooperation, etc., has a powerful function."

    Anex focuses on unlocking the potential of traditional industry data factor markets and enabling new business scenarios. In iot, health care, supply chain, intellectual property rights, culture, entertainment, digital assets of these areas, and factor market data centrally, on block chain, can give birth to a lot of disruptive solutions, innovative solutions to industry approval and privacy of data elements, backtracking, data transparent, for a large number of data elements of traditional industry transformation provides a new solution.

    For the award of "2021 Hurun Rich Young Entrepreneurs", Yang Ye said that this is the recognition of its efforts in chip research and development technology innovation, support blockchain application. He will continue to lead Anex in the field of blockchain, continue to explore the integration of blockchain technology and the real industry, and contribute to the construction of the domestic blockchain industry.