Trait:Low price and high computing power

Parameter:Hashrate300MH/S±10% Power waste:220W±10%

Price:$ 3586.17

Service description:ANEXMINER The best choice you deserve。

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1. Anexminer supports email ordering. You need to transfer the corresponding purchase amount to the bank account indicated on the proforma invoice. Please do not include sensitive words such as "cryptocurrency, mining machinery, BTC, ETH" during transfer. If necessary, simply indicate the invoice number or your email. We promise to reply you within 3 working days.

2. A confirmation email will be received after the miner reservation is successful. If our mining machines are oversold, we will send you an email to process the refund. Please attach your transfer certificate and your contact information to your email,as follows:

2.1 Business customers: full name of the company, contact person, telephone number, e-mail address, company address, delivery address, consignee and consignee telephone number.

2.2 Individual customers: passport information, delivery address, consignee and consignee telephone number.

We will place an order and conclude a contract for you based on the information.

3. The sales contract will be sent to you by email. After confirmation, please sign and stamp on it.


  The electronic products sold by the company do not belong to consumer electronic products, but are specially customized according to the needs of customers. The customized servers used for computing will not be refunded or returned once sold unless the quality parameters are not up to standard. The after-sales service of the product passes the official account, and the customer service contacts the after-sales maintenance and testing. The 180 day warranty period is free of charge, and the over insured products are paid for maintenance. The after-sales response time is from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. the service includes remote assistance, maintenance problem feedback, after-sales consultation, etc. Feedback to the customer within 48 hours, repair within 7-10 working days, excluding the round-trip transportation time. If the customer's use site is centralized and the quantity is large, the takeout can send professional engineers to repair on site.

1. Free maintenance

1.1 If your product is within the warranty period and there is no case that it is not repaired or not repaired for free, we will provide free repair service and bear the return freight.

1.2 If you require us to provide the above-mentioned free maintenance services, you shall create a maintenance work order on this website within the warranty period (the creation time of the maintenance work order shall be subject to the display on this website), and deliver the products to the official maintenance point you selected in the maintenance work order within 7 days from the date of creation of the maintenance work order. If the product does not arrive within the above period, we will determine whether the product is within the warranty period based on the actual arrival date.

2. Failure to repair


2.1 We will not repair your product for the following conditions or faults:

(1) Miner lost;
(2) Machine damage due to use of third-party overclocking software;
(3) Products other than ANEX miner, counterfeit products;
(4) The normal operation of the product is not affected by the production process or the surface scratches, front spots and cracks not caused by external forces;
(5) Scrapping: including but not limited to board burning, product corrosion / oxidation, chip pad pin falling off, PCB fracture, board hole blockage, use of Poe switch, etc;

(6) In our judgment, there are malicious insurance fraud behaviors, including but not limited to deliberately forging or replacing the bar code of products or components, or other behaviors that attempt to obtain after-sales maintenance services that should not be enjoyed by taking advantage of the loopholes in the terms. Please note that if the barcode of a product or part is replaced, the product or part with the barcode replaced and the product or part with a non local barcode will not be repaired。

2.2 For the products not to be repaired, you need to pay the return freight, storage fee and other expenses (if any) before you can ask us to return the products to you.

3. No free maintenance


3.1 In case of any of the following conditions, we have the right not to repair your product for free.

(1) The product has expired the warranty period.
Including: when creating a repair order (the creation time of the repair order is subject to the display on this website), the product has expired the warranty period; The product fails to arrive at the maintenance point within the time limit required by article 4.1.2 of this article, and the product has expired the warranty period when it arrives.
(2) Invalidation of product warranty.


The warranty will be invalid under the following circumstances:


1.Failure to install, use, maintain and maintain the machine according to the requirements of the operation manual, resulting in damage to the machine;

2.Damage or loss caused by falling, damage, accident, theft, misuse, abuse, negligence, misoperation, improper installation, non-conforming maintenance and storage, etc;

3.Product damage caused by physical reasons, including but not limited to humid, corrosive environment, surge, extreme temperature, transportation or abnormal working conditions, etc;

4.The whole machine or the plate and the components on the plate are crushed, broken, burned or the falling damage caused by improper operation;

5.Product damage caused by overvoltage, undervoltage and electric leakage;

6.Product damage caused by too high or too low ambient temperature;

7.Dampness, oxidation, corrosion, short circuit and other types of damage occur to the whole machine, structural parts, components and components on the components due to immersion or harsh service environment;

8.Product damage or loss caused by unforeseen natural disasters, including but not limited to flood, lightning, fire, earthquake, tsunami, lightning strike, etc;

9.Disassembly of the machine or any change to the machine not by us or our authorized service organization;

10.Product failure or damage caused by using any power supply and other accessories, parts or components that are not produced by our products or our authorized institutions and do not meet our required parameters;

11.Unauthorized changes to firmware and hardware using any third-party product;

12.Failure or damage caused by using unauthorized firmware or driver, including but not limited to using unauthorized overclocking firmware;

13.Product damage due to non commonality and / or incompatibility with current and / or future versions of operating systems, software and / or hardware

14.Data damage or loss due to improper use;

15.The warranty sticker (i.e. vulnerable label) of the miner is changed, defaced or removed;

16.Sn label is changed, defaced or removed;

17.We are unable to judge whether the product is within the warranty period due to daily wear and tear and other reasons not attributable to our company;


3.2 For products that are not repaired for free, we will provide you with a repair quotation, and return the repaired products or replace them after you pay the repair fee

For details, please refer to the after-sales process on the official website of dark star.